Being Talia

Name: Talia
Age: 20
Build: Short, Slim,
Background Copyright: Lynx-Envenom
Studying: Astronomy and planetary science.

Loves: Cambridge, Jellyfish, Steak, Red Wine, Taken Life, Hiking, Orienteering, River Boating, Cooking, My fiancé, and being happy.


Add some damn sizzle to your life and experience the unique flavour of chargrill!

Enjoy the special flavour of the chargrill, freshly prepared using the finest cuts of prime beef, succulent salmon and seasonal produce.

Then chose the perfect wine for your meal. It’s a no brainer!

When you’re feeling meaty it’s all about Rump. With a strong meaty flavour and firm texture, rump steak is at its tastiest when chargrilled rare to medium.

But if your feeling seductively meaty Rib-Eye is also pretty good…with it’s marbling textures. This steak gives a strong flavour with a juicy soft texture. Best chargrilled medium.

The humble Sirloin is always a safe option with a tender yet meaty texture. Definitely recommend chargrilling rare, medium.

Then finally the mouth watering Fillet. Tender with a mild flavour, a juicy fillet has the softest texture of all steaks and is best chargrilled rare to medium.

What more could you want than a delicious steak and a portion of the finest of chips, with a glass of red. 


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