Being Talia

Name: Talia
Age: 20
Build: Short, Slim,
Background Copyright: Lynx-Envenom
Studying: Astronomy and planetary science.

Loves: Cambridge, Jellyfish, Steak, Red Wine, Taken Life, Hiking, Orienteering, River Boating, Cooking, My fiancé, and being happy.

Tumblr…actually come to think of it…

Tumblr is based around effortlessly sharing anything even if it’s pointless or annoying or similar.

I also realised that Tumblr doesn’t actually take into account that the data we’re posting and reblogging may belong to someone else. So we as users are free to take and repost another person’s work with ease and without thought, most often without citing any source or author without punishment. However, since the website is run by some muppet who looks like Spock, those little technicalities are panned over. 

Tumblr essentially becomes the high school of the Internet once you gain some Tumblarity. People with the highest Tumblarity have their “blogs” being named the most popular. Therefore, the blog becomes not so much about blogging at all just full of shit about how much people “like” the “cool” stuff you post. Ultimately a popularity contest.

Supposedly the original concept of blogging in general is more or less lost when users become 
disillusioned from the original purpose of their blogging, and become more concerned with the number of people who “like” the beige picture of someone’s feet that they posted.

Oh, one last thing.
 ”Ask Me Something via My ask Box”. DON’T FALL FOR IT! because let’s be honest, if people didn’t want to talk to your lame ass before, what makes you think they’re going to want to talk to you after you’ve begged for their attention?